Do Facebook Ads Really Work?

Social media has become an integral part of a business marketing strategy. Businesses not taking advantage of social media platforms may be missing out on potential sales and customers. This is why thousands of brands, big and small, are trying to leverage social media advertising to boost engagements and reach - especially on Facebook. However, many of these businesses find themselves asking: Do Facebook ads really work?

We are here to tell you that they DO work, 100%! When executed properly, Facebook ads are extremely profitable. Here’s a screenshot of a recent campaign below as proof. This campaign that we ran last week achieved a cost per purchase of just $2.54, with an average purchase order of $10.95.

With just a small amount of ad spend, your Facebook ads can reach thousands of people and achieve cost effective results.

With just a small amount of ad spend, your Facebook ads can reach thousands of people and achieve cost effective results.

If you are not getting the return you wanted out of Facebook advertising, keep these three tips in mind.

  1. As of June 2017, Facebook has more than 2 billion monthly active users. It is clearly THE most popular social networking site in the world. However, only a small portion of these users will actually be relevant to your business. That is why you need to know how to target the right audience using Facebook Ads Manager. What are the demographics, interests, and behaviors of the audience you are trying to reach? Implement the Facebook pixel into your website to track website data, to then create lookalike audiences and retarget website visitors. You should A/B test different audiences to truly get the results you’re looking for. It may take several campaigns to nail down a responsive and engaged audience.

  2. Another important step is to identify the goal of your ad campaign. Whether you want to drive relevant traffic to your site, generate more leads, encourage users to interact with your page, secure more sales, or simply expand your brand’s reach, you must be clear about your goals. Determining your campaign objective will impact what creative, copy, and audience you choose. The clearer you are about your goals, the better results you will see. You may want to experiment with multiple goals to understand what is fetching you the highest return on investment.

  3. Your ad creatives are critical to your campaign success. Consider testing a single image ad vs. a single video ad, a single video ad vs. another single video ad, an ad with one headline vs. an ad with a different headline, a single video ad vs. a carousel ad, etc. There are so many factors to consider when optimizing your ad creatives. Keep in mind that you may not find success after just one campaign. You need to test many different creatives to understand what works best.

Once you nail down your audience, define your goals, and test several different ad creatives, you are on your way to crazy successful Facebook ad campaigns!! And remember to turn to your digital marketing experts at Dunne Goodwin for help creating and optimizing Facebook campaigns.

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