A Day In The Life

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Everyday is a new learning opportunity at Dunne Goodwin. When working across many different industries and wearing many different hats in the office, each day is a unique experience that presents fun challenges. However, we do like to stick to some routine to help us manage our tasks and get ahead.

Our day usually begins before we’ve even reached our desk. ‘Office hours' is a very fluid concept, since we stress timely communication and constant support. Our team is often responding to emails, voicemails, etc. very early or late at night. However, when we get to the office, we always make sure to check our inboxes to make sure we are caught up.

Once we’ve addressed our messages, we grab a coffee and dive into the analytics, looking through the metrics for our clients and checking up on the latest industry news and social media posts. We then check our tasks in Asana, and get to work on our top priorities. Depending, sometimes we will have client visits, video shoots, conferences, or other events to attend.

We have a brainstorm session every morning at 11am to discuss how we can improve our campaigns, creatives, reports, and more. This gives the team an opportunity to share any concerns and put our minds together. A lot of work we do is independent and client specific, but these brainstorm sessions are a chance to collaborate and push our creativity as a team. Everyone who is available attends and can voice their opinions.

After our brainstorm session, we make an effort to sit down for lunch together. Our mantra is work hard, play hard, work harder! We find time to relax, share a meal, and catch up with each other. Being in a coworking space, we enjoy the open spaces and social setting.

Then, we roughly plan out the rest of our day. Often, we won’t do things in the order we expected, and are jumping between clients, projects and tasks. But at the end of the day, it keeps us on our toes, and we love what we do.

Luke Goodwin